AM-Notebook 5.1.1 for Windows 10


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AM-Notebook is a program designed to take notes. Saves all the information you submit. You can create any number of notes and insert them graphics, tables, text, time, etc. The program is easy to use and has a Polish interface. When you create a new note is enough to give her name. The application also allows you to create a workout plan - you can take notes in it, such as when running a kilometer number, time, date. AM-Notebook is a built-in alarm, thanks to it, you can set reminder for a set time and date, along with a note. The program is also available address book and the ability to backup and restore your notes. The PRO version is paid, it can be tested for 30 days. But there is an alternative, you can select during installation Lite version (free for non-commercial users) and use the program for free. Caution! To change the interface in Polish, go to Options - Language and English go there.